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Accreditation is a procedure by which an authoritative body gives formal recognition that a body or person is competent to carry out specific tasks (ISO Guide 2:1996).

FSC operates an independent entity called FSC Accreditation Business Unit, which is in charge of providing accreditation services to Certification Bodies and National Initiatives. The accreditation program is based on international standards such as the ISO/IEC Guide 61, ISO/IEC Guide 65 and additional sector specific standards developed by FSC.

FSC Accreditation Business Unit provides the following services:

1. Accreditation of Certification Bodies
2. Accreditation of FSC National Initiatives
3. Accreditation of FSC National Standards

If you require more information about these processes or want to achieve FSC accreditation, please contact


Accreditation Document List

Accreditation of Certification Bodies
Accredited Certification Bodies
Applicant Certification Bodies
FSC Accreditation Cost Estimates
FSC Accreditation Fact Sheet
Accreditation of National Initiatives
FSC Accredited National Initiatives
National Initiatives Manual
Accreditation of Standards
FSC Accredited Forest Stewardship Standards
FSC Accreditation of Standards Briefing
FSC Accreditation of Standards
Dispute Resolution
FSC Dispute Resolution Protocol
FSC Dispute Resolution Fact Sheet
Certificates Lists
FM & FM/CoC certificates
COC certificates
FM & FM/COC certificates distribution by region & country
COC certificates distribution by region & country